HerkuleXLib  1.1
Arduino library to drive HerkuleX DRS-0101 and DRS-0201
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Status management of the Arduino library for HerkuleX servo (DRS-0101 and DRS-0201 models) More...

#include "Arduino.h"

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class  HkxStatus
 Class to manage the status of the servos. More...


const uint8_t HKX_STAT_VOLTAGE = 0x01
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_POSITION = 0x02
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_TEMPERATURE = 0x04
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_PACKET = 0x08
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_OVERLOAD = 0x10
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_DRIVER = 0x20
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_ROM_DISTORTED = 0x40
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_MOVING_FLAG = 0x01
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_INPOSITION_FLAG = 0x02
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_CKECKSUM = 0x04
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_COMMAND = 0x08
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_EXCEED_REGISTER = 0x10
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_GARBAGE = 0x20
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_MOTOR_FLAG = 0x40
const uint8_t HKX_STAT_ALL = 0x7F

Detailed Description

Status management of the Arduino library for HerkuleX servo (DRS-0101 and DRS-0201 models)

Benoit Puel (conta.nosp@m.ct@b.nosp@m.enoit.nosp@m.puel.nosp@m..com)
26 December 2015

Variable Documentation

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_ALL = 0x7F

Status error and detail: all the list

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_CKECKSUM = 0x04

Status detail: Checksum Error

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_COMMAND = 0x08

Status detail: Unknown Command

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_DRIVER = 0x20

Status error: Driver fault detected

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_EXCEED_REGISTER = 0x10

Status detail: Exceed REG range

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_GARBAGE = 0x20

Status detail: Garbage detected

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_INPOSITION_FLAG = 0x02

Status detail: Inposition flag

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_MOTOR_FLAG = 0x40

Status detail: MOTOR_ON flag

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_MOVING_FLAG = 0x01

Status detail: Moving flag

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_OVERLOAD = 0x10

Status error: Overload detected

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_PACKET = 0x08

Status error: Invalid Packet

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_POSITION = 0x02

Status error: Exceed allowed POT limit

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_ROM_DISTORTED = 0x40

Status error: EEP REG distorted

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_TEMPERATURE = 0x04

Status error: Exceed Temperature limit

const uint8_t HKX_STAT_VOLTAGE = 0x01

Status error: Exceed Input Voltage limit